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  • Personal Injury

    Fighting for the Injured

    We offer legal counsel for clients who have been injured in incidents - even if they had some fault. With experience working for the largest insurance company in the state of Florida, our Jacksonville personal injury attorney has an invaluable insider's perspective of the tactics used by the opposing side of injury claims. We are familiar with the practices that insurance companies use to get injury victims to settle for an amount that is less than what they deserve, and we know what measures to take to prevent this from happening. No matter what type of accident occurred or the severity of the injuries sustained, we fight tirelessly to restore justice on our clients' behalf. We have obtained millions in recoveries for our clients, and will stop at nothing to help our clients recover the compensation they deserve. Additionally, we handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that if you do not recover compensation, you do not owe us anything in attorney fees.

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  • Commercial Litigation

    Devoted Counsel for Commercial Disputes

    We represent foreign companies that export to the state of Florida, and have experienced a breach of contract from their Florida counterpart. Such clients are typically located in countries where there is a Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. in effect. We also represent businesses in Florida who have experienced a breach of contract from a domestic or international counterpart. Because commercial disputes can be very complicated, it is essential to ensure your attorney is highly experienced in litigation. These cases typically take a great deal of time, which is why it is important to contact our firm as soon as possible once your commercial dispute arises. No matter how complex your situation may seem, you can trust that we have the skills, resources, and tenacity to provide the effective counsel needed to succeed.

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  • Millions Recovered for Our Clients
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  • We Offer Contingency Fees for Injury Cases

Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

Meet Jack Krumbein Esq.

When it comes to finding an attorney who will be completely devoted to your personal injury case or commercial litigation case, you will not come across someone more passionate about his work than Jack Krumbein. Our Jacksonville personal injury attorney genuinely believes that his purpose is to serve people, and he spends his time getting to know the individuals he works with on an intimate level in order to form lasting relationships that go beyond business.

Jack takes a personal interest in his clients, and enjoys seeing them in a more natural setting - whether this means traveling to their home, hospital, or office. As a member of the American Bar Association and the Florida Bar Association, Jack remains involved in the legal community to ensure he stays on top of any developments that occur.

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  • “Very personable & did a great job”

    - Heidi H.

  • “Gifted in practicing law and truly cares for the prompt needs of his clients”

    - Sally H

  • “I wouldn't trust my business with another attorney. Period.”

    - Jeremy B

  • “He's attentive, he's aggressive and he has a thorough knowledge of the law”

    - Matthew H

  • “Jack is a hard worker and definitely does not disappoint”

    - Gabriela L.

  • “Thank you for your honest hard work”

    - Maria B

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Common Questions

  • How much will I be charged?

    If you are an injury client, you will not be charged any upfront or out of pocket fees. Rather, you will not owe anything unless we are successful in obtaining compensation. For commercial litigation cases, the fees will depend on the details of your case. Because Attorney Krumbein listens to the unique needs of every client, we will base the payment for these types of cases on the specific circumstances of your case.

  • How long will my case take?

    No two cases are the exact same, and the amount of time your case takes will depend upon numerous factors. Such factors may include the type of claim being filed, your recovery time and expenses, and the responsiveness of your insurance company. A case could takes weeks, months or, in many instances, years.

  • My insurance company already paid me. Why should I hire you?

    Oftentimes, the insurance company will pay you right away because they do not want you to hire a lawyer, and think you will be happy with a quick fix payment. However, it is important to know that when this happens, the insurance company is most likely getting away with underpaying what they are obligated to pay you under your policy. If you hire us, we can reopen the claim so that the insurance company has to pay what your damages are worth. Additionally, we recommend that you do not sign a release when the insurance company pays you without first calling us to advise the release.

  • I don't have health insurance. How do I get treatment after my injury?

    These types of situations can be very complicated. If your situation provides you with financial recovery, caring members of the medical community may provide care for you, as long as they get paid through your settlement or verdict.

  • If I get into an accident or experience an injury, do I have to go get medical help right away?

    Yes. Even though your injuries may not be apparent and you may not experience immediate pain after your accident, it is essential to seek medical attention right away. Injuries often sneak up on people after the incident is long over, and it is important to document what happened and get medical attention to ensure you do not put your health at risk.

  • My insurance adjuster told me I don't have a claim covered under my policy. What do I do?

    Even if an insurance adjuster tells you that your damages are covered, this does not mean that you are not. The first step is to request a certified copy of your policy, which you have the right to receive within 30 days under the Florida Statute 627.4137.

  • Why would my insurance company pay me less than what my damages are worth under the policy?

    In the insurance industry, premiums are charged, and then all the premiums are put together into a fund of money to invest into capital markets. Insurance companies strive to limit how much they pay on claims, because that payment is representative of an expense that will have a direct impact on their profits. Bottom line, insurance companies are always looking for a reason to pay you less, or not at all.

  • What is bad faith?

    Bad faith refers to when an insurance company could and should have settled a claim, but did not. This may involve your insurance company not returning phone calls, or taking longer than 90 days to pay. They may bully you, try to intimidate you, or not address your claim. In addition, an insurance company may not provide you with a denial letter or explanation of why your claim was denied. While there are many instances of bad faith, it all boils down to an insurance company not treating their insureds fairly, or taking advantage of them.

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