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At Jack Andreas Krumbein, Attorney at Law, our clients are our priority. We understand that when you experience a breach of contract, your business suffers. For this reason, our Jacksonville commercial litigation lawyer provides fast and effective action for commercial litigation claims, aiming to get your business operations running smoothly past this frustrating and difficult situation.

There are three different elements that must be established in order to prove a breach of contract, including:

1. That a valid contract exists;

2. That the terms of the contract was breached; and

3. That damage resulted from the breach of contract.

With our help, you can pursue companies that have failed to follow through with their duties as per the contract. When you contact our firm, you can request your free case evaluation and discuss your goals with our experienced legal team.

Damages awarded may include:

  • Expectation damages
  • Damages for breach of fiduciary duty
  • Specific Performance
  • Injunctive Relief

Helping with Foreign and Domestic Partnerships

Contract breaches occur in many commercial settings. Our law firm especially focuses on serving foreign companies who rely on best business practices with their state-side counterparts. If you are a company based outside the United States, but operating a branch in Florida, we have a particular set of skills which can help facilitate a smooth resolution for your case. Additionally, our firm is able to accommodate Spanish-speaking clients.

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