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When owners fail to properly restrain their domestic animals, serious injuries can occur. From superficial wounds to permanent disfigurement, the effects can be life-altering. Children especially are vulnerable to these attacks, and can suffer life-long psychological wounds from any sort of animal attack. A pet owner has a responsibility to the public to make sure their animal is properly restrained. If someone has failed to do so and you suffer a bite or attack, you have the right to pursue justice and compensation for your injuries. Jack Andreas Krumbein, Attorney at Law is ready to seek compensation on your behalf. Furthermore, we are able to come to you in your hour of need so that you can focus on healing from your wounds.

Steps to Take When Attacked

In the unfortunate event that you are attacked by a loose animal, first seek medical attention. Have the doctor carefully document your injuries, as you are likely to need this information for your claim. Then, our Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can come to you to investigate the circumstances under which you were attacked. In some cases, property owners or even parents of minors can be held responsible for the incident.

Liability falls on the owner when:

  • The dog is not properly restrained
  • There are no gates or protection from the dog
  • There are no signs warning of a dangerous dog
  • The dog has a history of attacks
  • The owner allows the dog to attack

We are able to gather a full picture of your options and present them to you in an honest, easy-to-understand manner. If you do choose to pursue action on your claim, we can be your passionate advocates. Do not let an attack go unpunished. If you do, someone else may suffer the same fate as you. Instead, allow our Jacksonville personal injury attorney to fight for justice on your behalf. You may save someone else's life. We can help clients in St. Johns, Putnam, Volusia, Flagler, Nassau, Baker, Bradford, Union, Clay, and Duval Counties.

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