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When you have invested years of savings into protecting your property, an insurance company's refusal to pay a claim can be incredibly frustrating. Fight back against their denial with our trusted first party property claims attorney. When you hire our firm, you can have confidence knowing your investment is in competent hands. Our Jacksonville commercial litigation attorney at Jack Andreas Krumbein, Attorney at Law is personally dedicated to working tirelessly until we can help achieve a favorable result for your case.

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Facing Up to Bad Faith Insurance Companies

A bad faith insurer is an insurance company that wrongfully delays, stalls, or denies a legitimate claim. First-party property claims deal with situations in which your personal property has been damaged and you are seeking compensation for that damage. An insurer who refuses to pay your full compensation or only allows a partial payment may be in violation of your policy.

Knowing the terms of your policy can give you the tools you need to progress forward with properly litigating the claim, or reopening an old claim. Our firm has the unique knowledge of how the insurance industry operates and can help you navigate the purposefully complicated realm of insurance claims.

Insurance companies are sometimes quick to send a payment because:

  • They hope you will never call a lawyer because you've received money.
  • They hope you'll be content with the "quick fix."
  • They know this is the easiest way to get away with underpaying your claim.

Even if the company has already sent you a settlement, you can make use of our services. We may be able to reopen the claim and work toward a fair, just compensation arrangement. We work to help you obtain a certified copy of your policy, and then proceed with the strongest course of action. Schedule a consultation with our firm today.

Handling Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Jack Andreas Krumbein, Attorney at Law also provides counsel for commercial property insurance claims in Jacksonville, Miami, and the surrounding areas. Our seasoned insurance attorney is well-versed in the complex laws involved in these types of legal matters. Whether you own a growing business that has been damaged in a storm or rent a building structure that suffered property damage in a fire, our firm can assess your claim and provide insight on how to move forward. We can get to work quickly, helping you determine which losses are covered by the policy and the value of the property that was damaged.

When your commercial property and financial investment is on the line, it is crucial that you retain proven legal counsel. You need to do everything in your power to ensure that an insurance company handles your claim properly and treats your business fairly.

If you are facing a commercial insurance dispute, be sure to call Jack Andreas Krumbein, Attorney at Law.

Civil Remedies Notice

Sometimes the only way to get an insurance company to act according to their duties under law is to file a Civil Remedies Notice under FL Statute 624.155. The Civil Remedies Notice provides an insurance company with 60 days during which it must comply with remedying the allegations made in the notice. If it does not do so, then there may be strong argument for a bad faith claim. As a policyholder, you have rights. Allow us to help you uphold these rights with strong legal counsel and tenacious advocacy.

Our firm has the skill to handle first-party property claims, third-party property claims, and bad faith cases. With our knowledge of insurance companies and the ways they handle various claims, we can help you with matters involving adjustment, investigation, and insurance litigation. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not have to pay attorney fees if you do not recover compensation.

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